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In India, there are lots of gas agencies. Each agency is liable to produce different gas or may be the same as competing with each other. The most common and popular gas agencies follow.

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The full form of BPCL is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. It is an oil and gas company of India. The headquarter of BPCL is situated at Mumbai (Govt. of Maharashtra). The BPCL is liable to produce Natural Gas, Petroleum, and Other Petrochemicals. It has two biggest refineries, one is located at Kochi and other in Mumbai. As per Fortune Global 500, it is on 358th Rank as biggest corporations of 2016.

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

It is known as ONGC. The headquarter of ONGC is located at Dehradun (Uttarakhand) India. It works under the principals of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. In India, it is the largest gas and oil producing and exploration Company. ONGC produces 62 percent natural gas and 77 percent crude oil.

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HPCL – Gas Agency Department Naukri

The HPCL is standing for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. HPCL is an oil & natural gas company, headquarter located in Mumbai (Maharashtra). It is a government of India enterprise with Forbes 2000, Navratna Status and Global Fortune 500 Company. It is working under the principle of Indian Companies Act 1913. HPCL is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. It has two primary refiners that produce a high range of petroleum fuels, lubricant, and liquefied petroleum gas.


The Indane is one of the biggest packed LPG brands in the world. It is launched by Indian Oil in 1970 and responsible for producing efficient, clean and safe cooking fuel. LPG is a blend of propane and butane readily liquefied under pressurizing of moderate.

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The gas is a gaseous material. It is manufactured in the Industry for various uses. There are various types of gases. Like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Acetylene, and Helium. These mixtures and gases are accessible through Gas Cylinder. The use of gas is in a wider range of industries like Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Power, Metals, Steelmaking, Medicine, Environmental Protection, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Fertilisers, Water, Nuclear Power, Aerospace, and Electronics.